Voice and Broadcasting - Nerves and all!

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  • Song Name: Voice and Broadcasting - Nerves and all!
  • Artist: Midwinter Tuition
  • Album: Elocution Podcast
  • Year: 2013

So this week I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to speak on radio and television. I was a guest on Monday Matters on a Community radio station in Sittingbourne, SFM, then I was filmed for a slot on an ITN Tonight show which will be aired at the end of this month.
For both pieces I was equally nervous. It doesn’t help that I have two more weeks until my periodontal surgery appointment, so I have a lot of pain in my mouth, plus I had the usual cycle of housework, childcare and work issues on my mind. So I thought this week I would talk about taking care of your voice, using your voice and hearing your voice.